Outsource your test automation tasks with Agilitworks and enable your organisation to concentrate on its core development activities
while we handle the automation work independently.

About Us

Agilityworks specialises in API test automation and monitoring.

With 15+ years in testing and automation, our expert team can deploy and customise an automation framework for your platform in a matter of weeks.

Once running, it allows anyone to create extensive API tests without writing any code.

Test Automation As A Service

Our team can do the onboarding FOR YOU. We will create and schedule the tests, setup the notification system, and create speed monitors. Our experts can have you up and running within a week, without requiring any company resources.

We also specialise in customising dashboards that take your reporting to another level. Our dashboards are designed to translate key data metrics in a graphical, interpretable format that managers understand and love.

Find out how the Agilityworks framework delivers test automation
faster and more cost-effectively

Automation Experts

Automation Experts

Our success has been built upon having the best Automation professionals in the industry to deliver a set of services tailored to what our clients want and need. We then deliver on the promises we make. So if you have a testing problem or challenge why not get in touch to see if we can help?

Maximise ROI

Maximise ROI

Using the successful Agility Works Test Automation Framework we will work with you to help identify the scope and deliver a solution using best of breed tools to maximise the return on investment.

All we do is API automation

All we do is API automation

We strive to provide you with complete transparency for everything we do in the scope of your project. Seamlessly integrating with your business and development processes, we assure your full access to the testing progress of your software.

What can we automate ?

Any web application served through a web browser that has interactions with an API
Any mobile application that interacts with either 3rd party APIs or interacts with its own server
Any desktop application such as CRM that has interactions with an API

What can our Automation solution do for you:

Help you to produce a comprehensively tested product that fully meets the requirements and specifications for application functionality.

Framework & Implementation

Successful Test Automation requires a solid implementation. Our tried and tested best practices will keep you on the right track.

Maturity & Improvement

Continuous Integration, Virtualisation, Parallel Execution, Continuous Delivery. When you have a solid foundation, the sky’s the limit.

Save Time and costs

Save time on unnecessary manual testing, and increase the availability of your valuable technical and business resources.

Long Term solutions

Significantly reduce the time for needed regression testing, helping to ultimately increase the volume and quantity of testing needed for your product.

Continuous Server Integration

Agilityworks allows users to execute Test Scripts on server via Jenkins. This lets you validate your application on regression cycles and provide reports to CI tools on a continuous basis.

Integrates with open source applications

DevOps Requires Continuous Testing